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Cricket Bowling Machine

Bowling machine is a successful product by S&G Innovators which was launched in the year2010. This machine may be more helpful to the sports persons where in they are in practice. This machine will support them to improve their batting skills and also to excel in batting. We have bowling machines for cricket, base ball, tennis this machine will improve the players performance and the skill set.

The machine is embedded with Latest controller techniques so it can perform various operations like spin, yoker, through, etc. This machine is specially design with the data acquired from natural bowlers and their nature of bowling is embedded in the machine so it can bowl like natural bowlers. The user can define the rate of speed and angle of projection and can select the natural bowler replicas. We have some variants in the machine is the customer is interested to load any other bowling techniques it is possible to load in the existing machine and they can excel in their unique practice and can perform well in their respective games. All types of machines are readily available in our company. customers can mail the need of the variant and they can request for quotation.