About Sandg Innovators

The S&G Innovators is a proprietorship company which was started in the year 2012. The proprietor and the Hon Consultant have sound knowledge in the field of Automation and the same has supported them to reach high in the field of automation Most of the successful story will speak about the success of the company and for the proof of the same patents applied by the company and the granted ones shows the ability of the team. So far we have thirteen gold medals and two international awards adding colors to the hat of S & G Innovators In our company we support all types of business needs.As we are specialized in automation field, we can serve you better in the field of automation. Most of the critical problems have been solved by our team till date.

We have designed and manufactured bore well rescue machine and successfully we have rescued eight children from the Bore well allover India .This is one of the major successes in the field of Automation and the same was implemented by the Government of Tamilnadu

Our Motto

Our motto is to provide continuous support to the companies and to ensure the quality of the product we design and manufacture.